Hydrozine supply chain

Hydrozine is a sustainable fuel based on formic acid. The fuel is used as a hydrogen carrier which enables it to support the hydrogen supply chain or to be used as a fuel on its own. To learn more about the supply chain and the companies working together to create it click on one of the parts of the supply chain.

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Sourcing the building blocks for Hydrozine

Hydrozine consists of formic acid with some natural additives. The ingredients for producing the fuel are water and CO2. CO2 is therefore used as a way to store energy. Currently, there are many large sources of CO2 which are being emitted and could be used as a feedstock for Hydrozine production, think of large industry players or CO2 from activities where biogas is being produced.
For the future the vision is to create Hydrozine using CO2 captured from air to create a fully renewable system.

Hydrozine production (HZ)

When water and CO2 are combined and electrified with renewable power Hydrozine can be produced. This means Hydrozine can be produced with the surplus of electricity from renewable sources, helping to solve the problem with grid balancing.

Large scale Hydrozine storage

After the production Hydrozine needs to be stored. As it is a liquid, Hydrozine can be stored in simple tanks such as the ones currently used in the fossil fuel system. The storage is done on ambient temperature and because Hydrozine is not flammable it has very low risks of hazards.

Parties such as x and xx are already active in storing large quantities of similar fuels, therefore large scale storage of Hydrozine will be cheap and sustainable as old assets can be re-used.

Hydrozine distribution

Due to its liquid form and high energy density a lot of energy can be transported at once using Hydrozine. One truck can take up to 4.5 times the amount of energy compared to hydrogen at 250 bar. The main ingredient in Hydrozine, formic acid, is already transported in large quantities making scale up easy. Hydrozine is distributed by. for more info go to the contact page to order your hydrozine.

Hydrozine storage on location

Hydrozine can be stored on location in different ways using a leak free Varibox or a isocontainer. Hydrozine is always stored in leak free ways to avoid risk of contact with human skin.

Conversion of Hydrozine into electricity

When used in equipment, Hydrozine is converted into Hydrogen and CO2 by the reformer technology of DENS. The resulting gas is used in a fuel cell. DENS works together with innovating companies such

The maintenance and servicing of the machines is done by Hamer, who has significant technical experience in this field.

Hydrozine end users

Currently, Hydrozine aims to be the next fuel for construction activities as its properties make it very adequate for off grid sustainable activities.